Based in North Branch, MN, Little Alaska Cabin Company Inc. is a small family- owned custom handcrafted log home company. The name comes from my love of Alaska and everything outdoors. We have been in business 17 years and have an A+ rating by the BBB. We build projects of all sizes and styles and are very easy to deal with. We also do log porches, railings, special cedar and burl projects. If you can dream it, we will build it for you. We would love to help you build your dream home or cabin.
 Anyone with a love for the outdoors, the woods, log cabins and the more old- fashioned ways of life will be able to relate to my family and the work that we do.
At one time I was a truck driver and had been a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Alaska seemed to me to be the best place on Earth. The "live off the land" style of many of the people up there was great!
 So my wife and I started building our first little cabin with the desperate desire to get out of the normal way things are usually done. Honestly we had absolutely no idea what we were doing then. But we learned, (many times the hard way) and followed our dream and made it a reality. After awhile, people started asking us if we would build them a cabin too. By that time we had become experts on log construction so we started Little Alaska. It has now been over 16 years and still going strong. We only take on a few projects each year so that we can give our customers the very personal attention that we feel they deserve. If building a log cabin or home is your dream, you really do want that personal relationship. That is why we keep it small even though we have had the opportunity to expand. Keep the company small, be honest, treat people well, build a great product. That's pretty much our whole business philosophy

  .Many people dream of living in a log cabin . That dream really can be a reality. A log structure is a lasting structure. It's something to pass down to future generations.
Now after all these years, we have 4 children that my wife homeschools. Our cabin is totally off the grid. We generate all our power via solar and wind. We simply like the idea of being more self-sufficient and taking care of the things we need. It was a long uphill battle, but so worth it!
The point of that story is that if you really want to make your dream happen, do it, make it happen. If your dream is to live in a log cabin, to wake up in the morning and have your coffee on your porch with the natural beauty of the logs around you, then make it happen. And I mean that sincerely even if you do not choose to have us build your home. If you dream it, then start to live you dream! Thanks for your interest and have a great day!