Pricing is done on an individual basis. Many factors come in to play when considering the cost of the log structure. Some basic considerations are: size, shape construction style, and how much of the project you would like us to do verses how much you would like to do yourself. Many people have us do only the log shell and then finish the project themselves. This is the best way to go as it saves money and yet you have the specialty part of the home done for you professionally. We are very competitively priced. Make sure when comparing that you see what is included in the shell project. Many companies make you pay more for transportation, reassembly, etc. We include all of that. Please note, we do log work only. We do not get involved in the permit process, or do any general contracting for foundations, plumbing, electrical, roofing, or any other items that are not part of the actual log work. For a good rough estimate of what the log part of your cabin project will cost, see the box below.


--Exterior log walls, 4-sided structure with 4 corner notches per round. Log walls are about 9 feet in height. Log upper gables is not part of the basic package.
--One set of log stairs, straight run.
--All loft floor beams up to 3/4 the size of the main floor.
--Log roof beams in standard post and ridgepole configuration.
--All log porch beams.
--All transportation within 200 miles of North Branch, MN. Additional mileage will be charged at the rate of 2.50 per mile.
--Reassembly of log shell.
--Proper fastening of all logs.
--All cutting of window and door openings with proper settling keyways.
--Predrilling of all electrical lines needed through logs and cutting of all outlets and switch boxes


Easily figure out the estimated cost of your project by simply taking the main floor sq footage and multiplying by the price for the style you want. For a four-sided, four corner notch structure, based on the main floor footprint:

--Chinked style: About $60 per square foot.

--Full scribed style: About $95 per square foot.

--Squared dovetail style: About $75 per square foot.-
--D log butt and pass style with hand peeled exterior and flat interior: About $50 per square foot.

This is an estimate only, but it should get you very close. Extra corners or special additions cost more. There are many factors that have to be considered before the final price can be given, but this formula will give you a very good idea of where you would stand if you have us build for you. Please remember that the construction takes a lot of time and we are usually scheduled out well in advance so start the process before you really want the cabin. This is for the log work only.